Focus on Call Of Duty

moving on to a big story that has a lot of people — this is going to show two things. one, you’ll understand just how big the gaming industry now and how important it is, how much of a moneymaker it is for a lot of the huge names in froifrl gaming. harvey: the second thing you’re going to learn is that all the guys who do this aren’t necessarily nerds who can’t get a woman.

charles: what’s really bizarre is he got the woman and now he is dumping the woman, for lack of a better term, to focus on his pro gaming career. harvey: and she is awesome and we’ve had her on “tmz” before. charles: we had her on years ago. you remember yanet garcia. a famous weather person down in mexico.

her boyfriend, phase sensor. he’s one of the biggest names in professional gaming, specifically “call of duty.” and he has chosen — this is the bizarre point. he’s chosen “call of duty” over yanet.

phase is joining us right now. welcome to “tmz live.” how you doing? >> what’s up, guys? charles: did we catch you at gym? >> it’s a good time right now.

charles: we should say condolences. we nnder that you and yanet have broken up. harvey: what happened?

>> i felt over time with her taking her job in mexico and i me doing full-time gaming i felt like our careers were going on different roads. i just feel like it’s the right thing to do right now. she’s beautiful and i’ll always love her.

i just feel like this is the right thing to do right now. harvey: — charles: you could play “call of duty” from mexico city, right? >> no, you can’t. you have to play in north america if you’re on a north american team. charles: do they have a call of duty league in mexico?

>> the league is in columbus, ohio. and most of the players are in north america. charles: regan, putt up just a shot of yanet for a second.

again, could you start your own league in mexico city, maybe? >> i’m just playing in the — league in colorado. but i definitely would think about it in the future. charles: so things were good with yanet?

this was an am cackle break-up? >> everyone has a break-up and it’s never going to be a good break-up. i told you and i said i’m sorry, i’ll always love you but i feel like our career praths taking separate turns. anything you need, you can contact me. charles: i hope you win the championship man.

you have to win the championship because if you don’t — charles: have you been getting messages from people saying oh, now that you’re available, hit me up? >> i haven’t worried about it. this is going to sound so nerdy but i’ve been focusing on passing — practicing with my team. i’m going to the gym tonight. harvey: souds sounds super nerdy.

charles: maybe down the road, a mexico city league something you could start up. >> i appreciate it so much. thank you guys for having me on the show.