New Online Slot Games Part 3

October 2017 – New online slot games.

kung fu monkey slotKung Fu Monkey Video Slot

This new online slot game is set in China Town, complete with Kung Fu baboons, ninja monkeys and giant gorillas, as you search for big rewards and prime entertainment, complete with Free Spins and Multipliers.  Work your way around China Town and rescue your baby cousin in this one of a kind new online slot game. On your way you will encounter Free Spins at a 2x multiplier!  Make it past the Kung Fu Baboons and the Ninja Monkeys to face the Big Boss Gorilla in this three level bonus game.  Great Fortune will come your way when you beat the Big Boss and free your baby cousin!  One of the best online casino games! Highly entertaining! You can play video slots free at Royal Vegas. – Free Casino Download. Simian samurais are the ones to beat in kung fu monkey video slot.wooly world video slot

Wooly World Video Slot

Big tusked, shaggy mastodons, flint axes and a cheery looking caveman set the theme for the latest 5 reel, 20 pay-line video slot, WOOLY WORLD which takes players back to a really cool period in time – the Ice Age – through an equally cool new online slot game.  The best online casinos have released this great video slot in October. Play video slots free including Wooly World video slot at Platinum Play – Click here for a Free casino Download.  Unfreeze your assets in this comical prehistoric glimpse of ancient mammoths, sabre tooth tigers and other furry critters in this new online slot game sensation.  Keep an eye on Platinum Play virtual casino where this game has been released on October.

pure platinum video slot

Pure Platinum Video Slot

It’s all about the power of precious platinum as a status symbol in this new online slot game, complete with its dazzling displays of glamour, fortune, Free Spins and Multipliers.  Why not play this video slot free when it launches at Platinum Play.  Pure Platinum at Platinum Play I’ll bet the odds are in your favour.  The allure of precious metal has never been more enticing!texas hold'em bonus gold series

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold

No betting after the river with this update of the popular Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker. The Gold series version is sleek, sophisticated and easy to learn for any fan of online table poker games.  Desert Dollar online casino is the hot tip from Slot Seeker! So give it a go for free or real money, the choice is all yours!  Check out our Poker section if you are a poker lover!

September 2017 – New online slot games.

New games September

Scoop the Cash video slot

Experience some good old-fashioned game show goodness and scoop the cash in this sizzling new online slot game.  A 250 coin slot with 25 payline and 5 reels.  Scoop the Cash slot has multiple paylines increasing your chances of winning.  The Bonus round is triggered when the dice appears.  During the bonus round you roll the dice as the game show host presents your prize board.  Sports cars, mansions, tycoons, and wheelbarrows full of money are all up for winning.

Jewels of the Orient video slot

This delightful gem of a slot will tease and excite with its precious collection of treasures.  With an oriental twist this 180 coin slot machine will take you east to riches. Jewels of the Orient Slot also features nine paylines and 5 reels.  You can read more about jewels of the orient video slot at Platinum Play Online Casino. Visit a land of pigodas, princesses and palaces with this gem of a new online slot game.

Lumber Cat Rewards video slot

Comical cats and beautiful forests reveal their rewards in this great new online slot sensation. Increase your chances of winning with the multiple feline paylines.  A 200 coin slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines.  The great video slot follows a group of feline lumberjacks who live in a cute log cabin.  Swing your lucky axe and reap the rewards.

Double Poker Level Up video poker

Double your fun and double your rewards with this great new take on a classic video poker game.  A pink poker sensation based on standard video poker. 4 levels of play with winning on one level allows progression to the next. A cool complete 54 card deck could deal you the magic joker and change your fortune.  This, the fifth in the level up series is a good bet for fun video poker times.

August 2009 – New online slot games.

new games August

Wealth Spa Video Slot

Treat yourself to a wealth of enriching delights with this refreshing new video slot.  This spa is the gateway for the Rich and Famous with stupendous graphics of swimming pools, baths, massages and saunas.  Relax and enjoy that winning feeling with the new online slot game Wealth Spa!

Silver Fang Video Slot

Winter winning is made easy and enjoyable with this brand new arctic adventure.  The most beautiful desolate snow covered wilderness is the setting for howling wolves and paw prints in the snow.  Enjoy the 50 paylines which could see you getting your icy winning way.  A great video slot for lovers of wolves and caribou.

Mega Moolah Isis Video Slot

Ancient Egyptian mythology meets four very generous Progressive Jackpot slot Games.  Mega Moolah Isis video slot is the fourth in the Mega Moolah progressive line and it doesn’t disappoint! The Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility will take you on a journey to win.  Remember the Isis symbol gives you the biggest fixed jackpot of 10000 coins!

Get Rocked Video Slot

Rock ‘n roll your way to riches and live life as a real rock star with this amazing new online slot game.  Get Rocket Slot is a 30 payline 5 reel game brought to you by Microgaming.  Enjoy the wicked graphics of rock stars performing their act on stage.  Authentic winning with genuine Rock n Roll are in order for this one of a kind Video Slot.

July 2009 – New online slot games.

summer holiday video slot

Summer Holiday video slot

It’s time for the summer holidays and some generous entertainment with picnics, water sports and a break from work.  How does 5 reels and 100 pay lines sound for a fun time? Summer holiday slot is one of the latest video slot games to arrive on the market and features great graphics and fantastic sound effect of swimming pools and picnics.  Play this video slot free and let the holiday continue by making use of this free casino download of Vegas Palms.

sterling silver video slot

Sterling Silver video slot

All that glistens is not gold, but pure silver is a pretty good alternative. This slot could be your silver bullet.  This great video slot is a 5 reel 25 pay line wonder featuring all that is silver.  It is great to see such a simple slot game pulled together with smooth animation and crisp graphics.  If you strike it lucky you too could cover all you own in sterling silver.

pedal power video slot

Pedal Power video slot

A salute to the great European cycle races and the cyclists who compete so fiercely.  Pedal Power is a Tour De Force!  This video slot was released to coincide with the Tour de France 09.  Pedal your way to victory with 15 pay lines and 5 reels.  If you are a lover of sports and the great sport of cycling this new online slot game is for you.fortune finder video slot

Fortune Finder video slot

Glittering gems and gold nuggets, sticks of dynamite, a pickaxe and gold panning dish….and a comical grizzled 49er of a miner.  Start your own personal gold rush with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This slot is a real laugh, you will love the grizzly miner and rest of the graphics which will transport you to a world of golden promises. Looking for a reliable and trustworthy online casino to try out your favourite?  Why not make use of these free casino downloads where you can play all the games mentioned for free!