Online blackjack – one of the world’s most played card games!

Online Blackjack, 21, Pontoon!


Online blackjack is one of the world’s most played card games.  Skill and geniuses could get you rich in the online blackjack world.  21 or pontoon are the other names associated with online blackjack, but few know its actual rich and interesting origins.  blackjacks beginnings lie in France “vingt–et–un” was played as early as the 1700’s. A card game that has been around for this long has be worth it.

The Online world has taken Blackjack high tech by creating online blackjack.  With 24/7 online Blackjack tournaments and a myriad of online blackjack game variations to cater for all your online card game needs.

Slotseekers featured Blackjack site is the The International Blackjack League! At this site you will learn all you need to know about online blackjack from Blackjack strategy tips to the latest schedule for online blackjack tournaments.  The International Blackjack league brings online blackjack lovers together to compete against each other in live online blackjack tournaments.  It is a community focused site that caters for all types of online blackjack lovers.  The site provides a platform for blackjack fans to compete in a dynamic fun and safe community focused environment.

The Elimination Blackjack tournaments are what make the International Blackjack League a stand out!

Elimination Blackjack Tournaments are live multiplayer tournaments where you will pit your skill against others on the net in real time.  This is fast past and exciting 21 blackjack action.  Lowest chipstack at the end of predetermined rounds will be eliminated.  Use the Secret Bet feature to stay one step ahead of your competition.  And don’t forget huge online blackjack prizes are also up for grabs!

So be the closest to 21 and experience exciting hand-to-hand combat with the International Blackjack League. You can put your skills to a real test.  What’s more, you can find an online blackjack basic strategy guide to get you on your way.  There are also many fun things to explore, read and play at the international blackjack league.  Even if you just give it a look it could become a favourite.

Interesting Blackjack Fact: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”
A long long time ago in las Vegas Casinos the main dinner served was a three-piece chicken dinner with veggies for $1,79.  Back in the day $2 was the standard blackjack bet.  So when you won a hand you had enough winners to buy yourself a chicken dinner.  Hence winner winner chicken Dinner!