Poker Chip Tricks

If you want to look like a pro, impress your friends, learn a difficult skill or intimidate your poker competition then this will be the chip trick page for you!  Nothing looks more elegant and impressive than a poker pro that can dazzle the competition with poker chip tricks while still winning hand after hand.  For the advanced tricksters doing chip tricks with poker chips becomes subconscious and often helps poker players get into the zone of concentration.  For the practiced hand poker chip tricks verge on magic.

Poker chip tricks range from the most simple like the thumb flip to the relatively complex like the butterfly chip trick.  This section will help you learn all you need to know about becoming a master chip trick artist with the top 10 chip tricks provided.

All you will need to do to learn a new poker chip trick is get yourself a stack of poker chips and start practicing.  Watch the tutorial videos and read the step by step guides and you will be well on your way to looking like a seasoned poker pro.  Most important is to practice your chip tricks as much as you can!

Handy Hint: Practice your poker chip tricks while playing online poker at a poker school like poker time.  It’s the easiest way to practice you chip tricks privately and have fun playing poker while you do.  Having a stack of poker chips in your hand adds to the feel of online poker.  If you need a great poker school we recommend poker time – so make use of online poker download.

Slot seeker has provided you with a list of the most common and fun chip tricks, give them a go and you will be able to do them in no time at all!

Top 10 poker chip tricks

Poker chip Tricks 1 – Thumb Flip.

It’s the classic thumb flip chip trick.  One of the first chip tricks to emerge on the poker scene.  It also happens to be one of the simplest and easiest to master.

Text guide (best used in conjunction with chip trick video guide below):  All you will need are 3 or 4 chips and a desire to learn.   Start by holding 4 chips in a sideways stack. You keep the chips stable with your ring and index finger.  Use your middle finger to keep the chips from falling through the bottom.  Next use your thumb to roll the front chip over the stack from the front to the back and allow gravity to pull it down the back.  Your other fingers keep the stack stable.  You can repeat this sequence numerous times.  Hope you have fun with the thumb flip chip trick!