Top 10 Christmas Levels in Video Games

I should do that “The Top 10 Christmasy levels in video games” not winter levels per se but levels that actually evoke the feelings of Christmas” So I heavily blurred the clip ’cause it’s gonna be #1 but if you know what the game is it’s pretty obvious that it’s gonna be #1 and if you don’t know what the game is you probably won’t agree that it’s #1 So nestle up everyone grab a cup of nog and settle in ’cause I’m going to read you: “The Top 10 Christmas levels in Video Games” This is a story that should be sung by a bard. So start it all off by rolling that title card. Hello, YouTube, and welcome to: So this list may not be all “levels” some might be Christmasy themed and others might be straight-up Christmas games.

Whatever The 1st one was suggested by Scotty Because Arkham Origins takes place on Christmas Eve. and it’s a pretty fun game too. I love the city of Gotham. It has that 1940’s “Noire vibe” but it’s all decked out for Chirstmas! my favorite place in the game was: Jezebel Plaza!

I mean it’s got everything! It’s got city sidewalks, Busy sidewalks! and they are all dressed-up in Holiday style, I mean in the air there’s really just this feeling of Christmas!

and I bet during the day I bet it has Children laughing and people passing that would meet each other smile after smile but at night on every-street corner you’ll hear: Batman beating people’s skulls in! Oh and I also love this super Christmasy cutscene with the Joker Joker: You see it’s a tradition in my house to open one present each on Christmas Eve! how about no deposit free spins nz? This one! tee hee AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR-TREE!

Dead Rising 4 is another Christmas time game! Ever since September I knew it was going to be during Christmas I knew it was going to be on this list, and specifically the fight with the Mall Santa gone Psychopath and it was going to be much higher on the list, but Capcom Vancouver had the one over and ruined the uniqueness of the game Never mind the shafting of TJ Rotolo, I actually think his replacement is funny and does an alright job. but what I can’t forgive is the removal of the Psychopaths in place of Maniacs. seriously if you just gave them all a cutscene and personality it would have made everything alright. BUT NOPE! So it only gets the number 9 spot.

so what happens is you enter this area, a guy rhymes at you,while you fight some elves and then you fight the Big man himself; SADISITIC CLAUS! In fact I am so displeased with this that I went ahead and made my own anamatic of what the introduction scene could look like. (he’s making a list and checking it t–) Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas little boy!

and what do you want for Christmas? Wait- ! I have just the thing for you, Ho ho ho! From: “Santa”, and what is your name?

uh… Frank? Fra–? Fr? Franklin West! Oh, no, no, NO! This present is for nice girls and boys you have been very, VERY NAUGHTY!

Ho, ho, HO! Let’s sing a “slaying” song tonight! also it would have been cool if his name was Nicholas.

So number 8 isn’t really a level, but a code. 1st you go to that main menu and hit: L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, R… that’s it. then you type in a word and there’s quite a few things you can do here like getting a sound test, or making the game a little bit harder but what I’m looking for is something a little more… Festive. By putting in” Merry” we get a slight change to the game.

In the game there are Bonus levels where you collect Stars and Bananas while this song is playing: But with the “Merry” code activated all the Bonus rooms get this Jingly little Jingle while collecting tree ornaments. That are not Amiibos and instead of Chom-Choms you collect presents that are not Amiibos and then get a coin. So this year I got to play the Indie-Story “To the Moon” and it came with 2 mini-episodes one of them taking place during Christmas.

and I think it is great. Neil and Eva are the funnest character to obverse interacting with one another. Now I won’t say too much about it because it didn’t make much sense. However: Presents, Tree, Family and Fun, The Song Jingle Bells and the song Silent Night I really did love this little bite of “To the Moon” and as mentioned my favorite part of the game is the soundtrack. and Kan Gao remixed some of the tracks with a Christmasy feel I LOVE IT! So I didn’t actually capture the footage for this myself beause: Do I look like I’m made of money?

this is a 33 dollar game! but it just oozes Christmas! you see “Night into Dreams” was game made for the Saturn. and to promote it Sega released this special disk called “Christmas Nights into Dreams” which rebrands the 1st levels with the most Christmasy level you’ve ever seen! instead of regular rings you fly through wreathes, and the color pallet goes “FULL CHRISTMAS” Everyone wears Chistmas clothes and it plays a super Jazzy up-beat version of “Jingle Bells” and get this, The menu song is “Joy to the World” huh… I can tell you that I did not expect my Sega game to have a song about the Second Coming Christ in it… alright.

and since I stole the footage on screen from a “Let’s Player” I actually want to use his words to describe this level because he describes how good of a Christmas level it is better than I ever could. Marauderex: Then I got it and started playing it and I was like “This is…” THIS IS CHRISTMAS IN A CAN! like I started playing during the summer I think was when I got it. I was like “This is Holiday Spirit, in a can” this is like watching a Charlie Brown Christmas anytime of year. another game I do not have.

I mean do I look like I’m made of money? this is a 10 dollar game after all. but it’s a viewer suggestion and they were dang right!

Look at this level! Evrgreen Lift; First off this is an ausondingly beautiful game Second off, check-out this level, it an auto scroller and the whole time your ascending there’s a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the background. There’s a candy cane Motif on the sides, your platform has Christmas lights. Stocking, presnets, SNOWFLAKES! I mean on the level you even get to find a Holiday Tree that is sure to bring back good memories.

Honestly this level is so Christmasy that I’m frankly surprised you do not need to change the Wii’s internal clock to December 25th to be able to play it. Okay, out of all the suggestions I got HUGE THANKS TO Blaze_Flarez Oh my gosh, Pikmin 3 is one of my favorite games and learning that there was more game to be had was a blast! After playing this level for the 1st time I played until my Wii U Gamepad died trying to get platinum medal. but that’s neither here nor their, so let’s talk about the level “Fortress of Festivity”. This level is so Christmasy and Gorgeous, the walls in this level are Christmas presents, candles and pine cones litter the table and the green and red blocks certainty drive home the fact that this is a Christmas level!

There’s even this nice little Pikmin Stocking. Everything about this level is so great especially the color palette. it just gives that warm and enveloping glow of being inside a nice warm house while the rest of the world is coated in a blanket of snow.

and you want to know what the greatest gift of all is? This is the only level to feature all 7 types of Pikmin/ on this level you get a few Purple and White Pikmin it was so nice to see these guys after their absence. But before we continue I need to show you the most Christmasy thing I’ve seen in a video game. It includes Christmas Tree it includes a slide and it includes Jingle Bells The last game I did not play myself but it was suggested by so many people I couldn’t ignore it. But look at me, do I look like I’m made of Money? this is a 6 dollar game after all!

but it was suggested for a good reason look at all the Chistmasy things on this level. and hot dang, the song for this level! This song made me toss out my current Christmas CD so I could add this song.

(Well and the songs from “Christmas Nights into Dreams”) This song is just a medley of Christmas songs and every 15 seconds it’s a new Christmas song. a warm and fun level, Thanks for the suggestions you guys you made my December drives a little more festive. OH MY GOSH! Animal Crossing in December is so neat! they add sleigh bell remixes to all the hourly songs, it’s so special now!

and I’ve never properly played this game on December 24th, because after 8 O’clock you gotta sit down with the family and watch “Christmas Story” you gotta read Luke 2 you gotta blow up a building! It’s Christmas tradition! But for this video video I want to give a shout-out to anyone who’s played this game on Chistmas Eve. because it really captures the feeling of the season super well. and as mentioned after 8’clock; Jingle the Reindeer comes to your town and delivers presents.

and if you meet him 5 seperate times he’ll even give you a present! I got the Jingle Shirt! which really just looks like a blood-stained white shirt BUT whatever… also decorated trees! this is a fantaitic “level” and check it out 2016 December 24th is gonna be a Saturday which means K.K. Slider is coming to town. It truly is a Christmas miracle.

And in a twist to no one who’s played Banjo Kazooie saw coming: The Saints Row 4 Christmas DLC I mean Freeze-Easy Peak This is the perfect Christmas level in every way, shape, and form! and it’s my favorite level from the game. breath taking song.

in fact it was already on my Christmas playlist. especially when you rush through the star ’cause it adds Jingle bells! and you get to decorate the tree by guiding the “Twinklies” past the “Twinkilie-eating monsters” and Badabing, the tree it lit!

there’s also presents on this level that add elevation! and you get to play Santa by bringing presents to the sad bears and girls. and you get to traverse a giant Gryffindor snowman, with a corncob pipe and two unblinking oddly human eyes. and while not necessarily “Chistmasy” you get ot become a Walrus and have a toboggan race with a polarbear! Freeze-Easy Peak is the level that motivated this list and my Pick for the number 1 Christmas level in video games! So those are the 10 that I chose but I had so much fun making this list and You know, next year, I just might make it again!

So if there’s anymore “Christmas” levels in video games leave it in the comments so I can make another next year. So Thank you for watching and if you want to get me a gift just comment on this. Comment, like or even dislike you know I do mean that “That would be a fantastic gift for me” So with that all said I’ll see you next time on Heemin Gamin Station So Merry Christmas to all,